Skylight Damage & Repairs

Why You Should Have Your Skylight Checked Regularly

Skylights are continuously exposed to the elements. Sun, rain and cold weather all make your skylight susceptible to leaks and other structural damage, so it is essential that you have your skylight inspected regularly by a professional. Identifying minor issues early means they can be repaired before they become major problems, saving you money over the long term.

The most common causes of skylight damage include:

Storm Damage

Water Infiltration

Build-Up of Debris

Lack of Maintenance

Natural Disaster

Improper Installation or Repair

Skylight Repairs & Maintenance

As well as new installations, South Coast Skylights also carries out maintenance and repairs of existing skylights. Our team will inspect your skylight thoroughly, assess the status of any moving parts, check for leaks, cracks, corrosion, rotting or warping. If you are experiencing a problem with your skylight, get in touch with us to arrange an in-house consultation. One of our experienced team will visit your premises, inspect your skylight and diagnose any issues. From there, we can provide a quote to repair or replace your skylight, and in some cases, an option for both.

Skylight Supply and Installation Shoalhaven, Illawarra & Southern Highlands

South Coast Skylights can assist with all your skylight needs, including supply, installation, and skylight repairs.